Portfolio Term Loan

Ready to fund multiple rental properties under one loan? We have the most competitive rates.

Multiple Rental Properties Under One Loan

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Higher LTVs

Finance multiple properties under one loan with the highest loan-to-values in the market. Multiply your deals today.

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Lower Rates

Get the lowest interest rates on blanket portfolio term loans, ranging in the 6s and 7s. Use the money to purchase additional properties and increase your rental income.

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Faster Closings

Don't wait months to fund a deal through a bank or other private lender. We typically fund portfolio rental loans in 2 weeks.

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80% of As-Is

We'll often go up to 80% of the value of your property, making our program the most competitive for your needs.

80% on Refi

We have the highest LTV on refinances in the market. We can often go up to 80% LTV cashout or rate & term.

Flexible Options

We have different fixed and adjustable rate loans available depending on your needs. You just let us know what works for you.

Low Prepayment Penalties

Tired of paying those prepayment penalties when you have to sell properties? That's fine. We generally have low penalties.

Low Credit

If you're worried about your credit score to qualify, don't! We can lend to borrowers with credit scores as low as 650.

Low Docs

Don't go through all the red tape. We don't ask for taxes returns or income, and we close in your entity, QUICKLY!

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