Construction Loan Deal Calculator

Ever wonder if your construction project is worth building? Find out now.

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ICG10's Construction Calculator: See If a Deal Is Worth It.

For real estate investors leveraging hard money loans from ICG10 Capital, this is the perfect tool to analyze if your investment strategy is the right one. With simple inputs, you can see if your construction project is profitable, how much cash you need to have to complete the deal, and all the asssociated costs.

While we are using simple math rather than time-value-of-money principles, this calculator will allow you to have a particularly detailed analysis on your real estate project. And it's free to use! Weigh your risks and rewards, and gain a more completely understanding of your construction project requirements.

With construction projects already time-consuming as it is, we make the decision simple for you by eliminating uncertainty in your construction and funding faster than any other lender.