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The No-Nonsense Guide to Real Estate: Necessary Knowledge for the Novice Investor

Education for Real Estate Investors

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We are committed to helping you in the long-run. Remember, we’re partners, not just lenders. As a result, we’ve written a book that details all the real estate fundamentals. The goal is to make you a better real estate investor—whether you’re flipping, renting, acquiring multi-family, investing in structured funds, and more.

You will soon be able to use proven techniques that help you discern between specific types of loans, decide which best fits your needs, understand the basic industry terminology, calculate costs and profits using time-value-of-money principles, negotiate in a much more synergistic way, overcome adversity through adaptability, analyze deals through principles, and become acquainted with different investment vehicles. Your growth is our growth.

Read the foreword to the book, written by the CEO of ICG10 Capital, Warren Ifergane.

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